Consultation and routine dental checkup

We offer a full range of routine dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry services in India, and across geographies including countries like USA, UK and Europe.

We allow an hour for an unhurried, in depth discussion of all your dental needs.

There is a Small charge for this first consultation and we usually are able to give the patient a broad picture of what is necessary to restore the mouth to maximum health, function and beauty.

Sometimes at this first visit it is necessary to take one or two small X-rays for which there would be a minimal charge in order to gain some insight into the nature of a specific problem. A full X-ray examination is usually only done at the second visit when the patient feels ready to commit themselves to a course of treatment which has been mutually agreed after a full discussion.

Routine dental Procedures include

  • Fillings
  • Root Canal treatment
  • Teeth whitening also known as bleaching of teeth
  • Gum Disease treatments and
  • Treatments needed for children dental care are also suggested and performed by our dentists and dental surgeons.

In the routine dental check ups we also check for

  • Mouth cancer and
  • Signs of the oral cancer
  • Canal treatment

Our well trained dentists advise the patients to consult the dental surgeons for further required oral cancer treatment.

Taking care of the patients is our first and foremost priority

We are a complete health care centre having the entire required modern infrastructure available for the life saving treatments that are needed for oral cancer screenings.