Preventive Measures

1. Brush twice a day. Brushing cleans your teeth and gums effectively and removes plaque from the  surface of the teeth.
2. Always choose a soft bristled tooth brush and brush in small circular motions. Brush your gums too.
3. Change your brush every 3 – 4 months
4. Floss – Floss regularly. Brushing is not enough flossing cleans areas where brush cannot reach (between teeth and gum line. If your gums bleed or feel tender do not worry it is a sign of healing.
5. Eat a balanced diet and nutrition is imperative to prevent dental problems. Please refer do dental diet for more details.
6. Do not smoke. It damages your enamel and discolors your teeth. It can also lead to serious problems like oral cancer.
7. Bruxism commonly known as teeth grinding damages your teeth structure and affect your bite. Visit your dentist to diagnose the signs of bruxism.
8. Restore damaged, broken & chipped teeth and prevent further problems associated with these conditions.
9. Wear a mouth guard when you are actively involved in outdoor sports

Image Gallery

  • picture“Diastema closure.”
  • picture“Selection of case diagnosis.”
  • picture“Post & Core.”
  • picture“Tooth Whitening/Bleaching”
  • picture“Depigmntation."
  • picture"Scaling and Polishing."
  • picture"Scaling and Polishing."
  • picture"Full Mouth Rehabilittion - Bofore."
  • picture"Full Mouth Rehabilittion - After."
  • picture“Fluorosis - Before.”
  • picture“Fluorosis - After.”
  • picture“Dental Fashion Jewellry.”

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